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Wednesday Night Model Train Night News

06/20/2012 | Categories:

Wednesday Night… HOT…HOT…HOT !!!

Hello all, 

Finally Tom and Jim are back to running model trains over at Tom’s “Pine Needle Railroad”!  After a long, busy and mostly inclement weather for month’s of Springtime Wednesday nights, plus Jim having to work almost double-time hours throughout the Spring, we are finally back and enjoying good company, coffee and running model trains!

Tom was also busy working his tail off on lots of new track work, plus now he has a big new accomplishment of having the ease of running his trains from inside of his Shed Dept right on out to his outdoor tracks and back in, thanks to ordering the needed custom metalwork by Dan of Eaglewings Iron Craft!  Dan made Tom some suspended metal trusses that the track could go on top of and then Tom added in a “Doggie Door Portal” right in the outer wall of his shed, to make way for the track, plus when not in use, Tom can seal it up and then keep the elements outside and not in the shed!  Tom had ordered the metal when we are at the last Spring ECLSTS in York PA.

You can see our latest Wednesday night train running get together in Jim’s website and Tom’s website in our photo galleries – www.pineneedlerailroad.com and www.jerseyshorerr.com.  Tom made lots of track modifications to be able to incorporate the track coming out of the shed onto his elevated RR.  Three ninety degree tees were added in and also some new switches.  Tom has also now completed the 2nd completely independent 2nd loop, so now two people can run 2 consists at the same time, plus Tom has been working on a new 3rd back-and-forth line as well.  It has been turning out fantastic and it works and looks great!  There’s a little more small track tweaking left to do by Tom for the X-Overs and switches, but Tom says by this next Wednesday night, we should be full good to go!

Jim did want to apologize to not only Tom, but also all of his fellow train friends for being so scarce this past few months, but like it was said, he has been super swamped with his internet business and that has keep him away “by protest” from being more active with Tom and friends in Trainland!  Hopefully now that things have eased up a bit with Jim’s work, he’ll be out and visible more often – he hopes!  Also, no big summertime home or yard projects scheduled for this year – we hope!

As you’ll see from the latest photos that we took this past Wednesday night, we are running lots of assorted trains and trolleys, big and small, diesel and steam plus Tom got to run one of his CNJ Blue Comets sets for a while too.  And as this latest news article states: Hot-Hot-Hot, man was it!  This past week it hit here over 100 degrees during the daytime and nighttime wasn’t much better.  Of course Jim who hates the heat, was dying, but Tom also came to the rescue with a nice box fan from inside of his house and hooked it up out by the tracks and that make all of the difference in the world!  Of course Tom’s shed was nice a cool, thanks to his in-the-wall AC Unit that Jim installed for Tom early last Spring.  It was a nice cool 72 degrees in the shed and the coffee pot was going and it was delicious and what a good time we had.

Tom has also been busy in his shed working on some new model scratch-building projects.  Look at this Wednesday night’s photos and see if you can spot anything new!  Well that's it for now and we are now signing off until next Wednesday night, or by the rate that Jim is going, a new article/newsletter and new photos will follow after this coming Wednesday night, or right after the 4th of July Holiday.  Don’t forget, our doors are still always open and the invite still always stands for you to stop on by here in Forked River one of these Wednesday nights, or on a weekend daytime and come out and hang-out with us and have some fun and run some trains with Jim and Tom!

Best regards,

Jim and Tom :)

12/21/2011 | Categories:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011-2012 !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our fellow train friends!  Yes, Tom and Jim are still alive and kicking and we just wanted to wish you all Joyous Holiday Season!  Well there's not a whole lot to report in recent times, or is there?  It's another weekly night in Jim's ManCave and Tom and Jim and Bonnie too exchanged Christmas presents tonight and we are of course playing on the computers having a coffee and a good time in Trainland!  By the way... Santa brought Tom a brand new HP 17" laptop for Christmas as an early gift and Tom is on it right now having a "ball" as I type this!

We like to round-up a few special highlights from this past year.  Our Spring and Fall 2011 East Coast Large Scale Train Shows were a great time and were delighted as always to see all of our friends at the two shows!  This past year, we got to meet some Aristo Forum friends for the first time in person.  We met Stan Cedarleaf, George Council, Joe Sova, Jim Vecheck, Ivor Snoddy and his wife Freda from Ireland and Gail from Germany too.  Plus we got to rub elbows at the hotel bar with a lot of the venders during evening hours and that was nice as well.

We didn't get to as many Outdoor Garden RR Layouts this year as we did in 2010, but that was due to summer home and yard projects which pretty much kept Jim busy all summer long.  But the proof is in the pudding and what a transformation his front yard turned out to be!  Tom got new outdoor outlets wired by Jim on his Shed Train Depot and Tom has the Pineneedle Railroad all lit up and decorated right now and we are waiting for Santa's arrival!

We did get to see the PA Live Steamers on the way back from this Fall Show and we certainly fell in love with that scale and all that live steam and larger engines and cars!  We were warmly welcomed by the Steamers and we signed up right there and paid our first year's dues and got the tee shirt and we are definitely looking forward to going back there in May to join in and help them and ride and help run the Big Steamers!  Ask us more about this and we'd be happy to see you there in 2012 too!

We are looking forward to seeing our train friends even more in 2012 and we are definitely looking forward to this Spring's 2012 ECLSTS in York PA and of course Hooters too!  The York PA restaurant that is!  Our hotel room is booked and we are saving up the change in the jar for a springtime shopping spree! 

Well that's about it for tonight and we are now signing off until next Wednesday night or maybe even next year - Jan. 2012 that is!  Don’t forget, our doors are still always open and the invite still always stands for you all to stop on by over here in Forked River one of these Wednesday nights, or on a weekend daytime and come out and hang-out with us and have some fun and run some trains with Jim and Tom in 2012!

Happy Holidays!

Jim and Tom :)

08/12/2011 | Categories:

Wednesday Night Weekly ManCave Night!

Hello to all of our fellow train friends!  Yes, Tom and Jim are still alive and kicking and we have been hanging out at Tom’s Pineneedle Railroad every Wednesday night since the beginning of July, maybe even earlier.  Usually we mostly hangout in Jim’s ManCave on Wednesday nights, but then we said, hey… why not hangout over at Tom’s (weather permitting) and run trains outdoors and enjoy the warm weather!  Perfect – so we have been doing just that and having a blast and enjoying the summer nighttime weather!

In our websites, you’ll now see a couple of latest photo albums, showing us running Tom’s trains and Jim’s trains on the Pineneedle RR!  We’ve been running all kinds of stuff from small to large, from steam to diesel, from roadname to roadname and then some!

We do like to showcase our favorite CNJ stuff, as well as all of the custom locos that Tom has made from scratch, or kit-bashed.  We’ve been running Tom’s freight cars, cabooses, passenger cars, RDC’s etc… and Jim has brought over his B&O Doodlebug, Railbus, RDC’s, interurban trolleys and more!

STOP THE PRESS!  Last week, Tom was able to acquire a brand new complete Aristo-Craft CNJ Blue Comet Set, 2nd generation, in the yellow boxes and then the brown boxed over the yellow – still sealed and taped shut!  A great find for Tom at a great price and brought to Tom’s attention via our fellow train friends, who knew about the sale from South Jersey!  He even scored it $50.00 cheaper than the same identical set that we just described that Bonnie got for Jim for his birthday last year!  Congrats Tom!

We now have another official Aristo-Craft CNJ Blue Comet Train Club member!  Bob Whipple and I agree so far that we should make Tom the President of this whimsical club!  (LOL!!!)  I happen to agree, but then again, that could be questionable, with all of the Blue Comet goodies, trains, experiences and sightseeing tours that also Bob Whipple and Gene Ewan have done, plus their own collection, plus their experience and education on this Blue Comet stuff and for sure – Bob’s fantastic videos!  I guess that leaves Jim and Ward out of the question to be Prez! (LOL!!!)  ;)  Thank God we are just kidding about the club and Prez stuff!

Tom in total now has 3 Blue Comet Pacifics Locos and tenders, plus cars and more on the way, plus he is currently making his own baggage car for his new set and he’s getting the guidance from Bob Whipple on how to make it and make it right and match perfect in color!  So, now are all pretty much in Blue Comet heaven, in one way or another and we all love it!  We foresee Tom getting sound into that tender right after the Fall Show!

Jim the newsletter editor and photo up-loader and webmaster does have to apologize to Tom and our fellow train friends.  Jim has been married to his front property since this past May 15th, working on all new lawn grading fencing, gating, low voltage landscape lighting and driveway lighting, ponds, birdbaths etc... and that has kept Jim very busy, besides work, all summer long plus doing fun things with Bonnie where possible!  So I do apologize for the delay on getting more articles and photos up onto our websites.  Hopefully by labor day weekend, my sod will be down and the yard project will complete and that’s it for me for the year as far as huge in-over-my-head projects go!  It’s just been crazy and the summer has flown!  By the way… Congrats to Bonnie on her new Car!  Last month she got a great deal on a 2010 Buick La Crosse CXL with only 11,000 miles on it – like a salesman’s demo and she loves it and it’s really nice and stylish!  Best of luck with it Bonnie!

In September, we are looking forward to some more so-called normalcy and leisure time to be able to go G-Scale back yard RR visiting, plus some other real train day trips that we also want to take and I know we owe visits to Ward, Kurt, Bob Shaw and a few more and Jim and Bonnie still have to meet up with Gene for a Blue Comet Trail hike and hopefully between Sept. and Oct., we can see everyone and then in the end of Sept., it’s off to the ECLSTS in York PA and we’ll be going from Thursday until Sunday this time and relaxing and getting new goodies for you collections and railroads and we can’t wait to see everyone there too!

Throughout the summer, while in his air conditioned shed depot, Tom has been busy as usual, working on all kinds of models and kit bashing stuff and he also has a few Top Secret things to enter into the show this fall and Jim might this time around too!  Tom loves his climate controlled shed and he spends lots of time in it working on all of the neat projects that he turns out for running and entering into the shows!

This past Wednesday night, we had our friend and Jim’s longtime friend Mark “Doc” Lynch, DC come over to see Tom’s layout for the first time and he got to run trains with us and better yet, it was his birthday at midnight!  Happy Birthday Doc!  Doc has been wanting to come over for quite some time now, so finally he did and he even bought an extra brand new Bachmann Davenport Side-Rod for his very first G-Scale Locomotive and Tom also gave him a piece of track to display it on.  We hope he gets the G-Scale Fever like the rest of us and we hope to see more of him!  We’d like to see him back next Wednesday and he might even meet us out at the Fall Show this year!  Welcome and… all aboard Doc!

We also hope that Ward’s wife Kathy is doing better after her surgery and also Kurt’s wife Judy too!  We look forward to seeing you all soon!  Tom’s girlfriend Jayne and Jim’s girlfriend Bonnie are doing just fine and also enjoying the summer too!

Well that's about it for tonight and we are now signing off until next Wednesday night or by the rate that Jim is going, a new article/newsletter will follow this one, right after labor day. Don’t forget, our doors are still always open and the invite still always stands for you all to stop on by over here in Forked River one of these Wednesday nights, or on a weekend daytime and come out and hang-out with us and have some fun and run some trains with Jim and Tom!

Best regards,

Jim and Tom :)

Gene, Bob and Maria's Visit To Forked River, NJ!

Well it's the weekly Wednesday Night Mancave night over here at Jim's Mancave, but wait! STOP THE PRESS!  Tonight we had some special friends come up from South Jersey to see us!  Our good friends Gene Ewan, Bob Whipple and Bob's girlfriend Maria came up to visit with us and see our train stuff.  We were tickled pink to see them!

First, we all met at Tom's Pine Needle Railroad and Train depot so they could see Tom's outdoor layout and Mancave/Train Depot Shed for the first time and Tom even ran some trains for them while there.  He ran his Aristo Mallet with his new A&P Reefer Phoenix PB11 Sound Car - pulling a nice consist of cars and ending it with a Chessie Caboose and sounding great!  Then, Tom took out and ran his recent Spring ECLSTS Show 2nd prize winner NYC Jet Powered RDC for them to see running.  They enjoyed seeing all of Tom's goodies on the tracks and in his Train Depot.

Then after the sun went down, they came over to see Jim and Bonnie at their house and they got the upstairs and downstairs 5 cent tour and they liked Jim's train collection downstairs in the finished basement and they especially liked Jim's complete Aristo CNJ collection and they also loved Jim's freshwater tropical fish tanks too!

Then they came out to Jim's Mancave and they got to see and hear Jim's Aristo CNJ Blue Comet in action running on the oval in the Mancave.  Then they got to see Jim's CNJ Diesel Locos pulling various freight cars of a nice consist and ending it with a CNJ Caboose.  Bob also took a nice video of Jim's Blue Comet and that along with all of our photos will be posted into Jim's website and Tom's website ASAP.  We also enjoyed some snacks, coffee and soda in Jim's Mancave as well.

They then had to say goodnight and hit the road back down south to Atco and West Berlin NJ.  We wish they could have stayed longer, but we will have them back over on a nice weekend daytime and then we can spend more time together and even fire up the barbie!  But all and all, it was a great visit tonight and Tom and Jim do appreciate them making the trip out and we really enjoy hanging out with our train friends!  Thanks all of you for making the trip to see us in Ocean County!

Well that's about it for tonight and we are now signing off until this Wednesday night or sooner.  Plus, our doors are still always open and the invite still always stands, for any of you guys to stop on by over here on a Wednesday night or weekend and come out and hang-out with us and have some fun and run some trains with Jim and Tom! Just let us know!

Best regards,
Jim and Tom :)